Industrial Luxury is a design shop and concept showroom that works with you to create new opportunities in art and architecture.

We are industrial artists and fabricators who provide tools and resources for building aesthetic infrastructure.

We are making things.

Smart and human-friendly.

This is what happens here:

We use a full range of tools, software and techniques to concept and produce images and studies for design consideration

Concept Rendering and Proposals

Let us source perfect materials and research the best way to use these supplies for your project; from electronics to concrete

Prototypes and Mockups

We use AutoCad, Inventor, Revit, SketchBook Pro, Autodesk Product Design Suite, Alias, 3dsMax to produce perfect construction drawings

CAD and Construction Documents

We build custom electronic ciircuits and systems with state of the art hardware. Let us create your interface and integration.

Hardware Engineering

We design and develop application and device interfaces that you and your customers will love to interact with. Want a great app? Design first!

Furnishings, Lighting, Lifestyle Products

Put your story on blast: we can focus your brand on delivering consistent, company-wide data experiences that show customers you care

Retail Display and Signage/Environmental Graphics

Industrial Luxury can show you how to connect to everything. Bring important business process into your overall design strategy

Architectural and Environmental Detailing

Without brand and data integration within your design strategy, all you have is strategy; you need infrastructure.

Design Infrastructure/Design Subscriptions

Let us be your resource for open-source tools, materials and product styling.

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