Let's make your thing happen!

Here's how:

Come up with a cool concept. What are you building now? Let's set up a meeting and discuss your project. We love working with architects, interior designers, artists and developers.

A brief discussion will clarify lots of details and provide you with enough information to decide whether partnering with our firm is the right thing to do.

We'll propose a scope of involvement. We only specialize in cool and cost-friendly solutions. We look at all honest budgets and we don't waste anyone's time.


But wait! There's more:

Visit our walk-in Design Bar in our concept shop located in Stanley Marketplace. Our fabrication designer will assist you in taking your idea to reality, helping you plan and design your individual piece. And if you are a DIY'er, we can get you set up with the tools and shop assistance you need to "learn on the job" while you build your idea yourself! This is one of the first design services of its kind in the country that teaches you how to become the builder of your own world.


For more information, drop us an email and we will send you the specs.

What are you making?

It's time to build your cool idea.

Well, that's about it; I think you know how this works.

Start A Project

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