Industrial Luxury Group Inc. has produced art and design experiments since 2006.


Over the years, we learned to evolve and grow with the ever-changing design and build industry to create and deliver more value for our clients by working inside an adaptive and agile model that produces custom design and fabrication solutions quicker while maintaining strict project budgets.


Now, we supply the tools, materials and resources that help you identify and develop opportunities in creating public interaction, customer engagement, and aesthetic infrastructure in a much more collaborative process.


Industrial Luxury Group is a prototyping studio and workshop; a showroom of concepts and ideas.


We recently opened a concept showroom located in the Stanley Marketplace as a design center focused on helping our customers realize their own custom ideas in an informal and friendly setting which we call the "Design Bar." Through this, we assist and facilitate the successful design and fabrication of these mixed-media and diverse projects.


NEW: See more about the development and construction of our showroom here.


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