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Industrial Luxury Group Inc. has produced art and design experiments since 2006.


Before I launched Industrial Luxury, I worked at, and sorta ran, a design and build factory creating custom architectural spaces, products, environments, installations and objects.


Then I helped out at a tech company that built a low-code application platform as a service. Not at first. At first we built a CRM. But we pivoted. Turns out, pivoting is kinda fun; it's necessary because in today's design markets, everything evolves quickly.


Now, I supply the tools, materials and resources that help you identify and develop opportunities in <insert whatever client needs to hear here> public interaction, customer engagement, and aesthetic infrastructure.


It's a prototyping studio and workshop.

It's a flea market for architects, engineers, artists and designers.


"I make things people will use and enjoy.


I started this project so that I could create a design laboratory; a test facility and workshop that builds art-enabled environments and amazing user experiences.


I'm pretending like I'm sitting here being quoted!"


Patrick lives and works in Denver, Colorado and studied at  San Francisco Art Institute and the University of Colorado. He has been creating artwork, installations and custom design projects around the galaxy since about 1987.

Patrick Ryan

CEO and Day Laborer

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